Why Docks Should Float

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A luxury of having a pond includes the endless ways to enjoy it. Since 1995, Pond King has been bringing ponds alive so that you can create lasting memories with those you love. Nothing beats a weekend fishing, swimming, entertaining guests, hosting a barbeque, or boating. No video game can compete with an evening sitting on the end of your dock, toes in the water, watching the sunset. One of the best ways to utilize every aspect of your pond, and transform it into a space where memories are made is to add a dock.

The two most common types of docks you see are floating docks and stationary docks. Floating docks, as the name would imply, float on top of the water and Pond King secures our docks with an 8ft base that is concreted into the ground. Stationary docks are built above the waterline, and are secured through steel pipes driven into the pond. The difference is easy to recognize, but the reasons to choose a floating dock over a stationary dock may not be as obvious to a new pond owner.


One benefit of opting for a floating dock is that the dock will consistently be at the same distance from the water, despite the level of the pond. This is especially important in Texas where the water levels can vary up to 10ft in the course of one year. Floating docks move up and down with the water level, which is beneficial in both boating and fishing. If your dock has boat cleats on it, but your water level is too low to utilize the ties, besides being an obvious annoyance, you may have a security issue on your hands. In regards to fishing, the short distance between the dock and water surface that a floating dock provides, allows an easier access to pull up your fish. Too much space in between the water and the dock will make it more difficult to retrieve your fish, and may lead to another story about how the big one got away. Similar issues can exist if the water level of the pond increases. A stationary dock can easily become a safety hazard or even unusable if the water level surpasses the height of the dock during a storm, or a particularly heavy rain season.


A second benefit of a floating dock is the materials that are used. Pond King uses flotation that is encapsulated in polyethylene. Polyethylene is non reactive to water, and the structural integrity of the floats will not, in any way be compromised from sitting, in the water. The galvanized steel coating has a 80-year life span, and the aluminum is non corrosive. Stationary docks do not offer this luxury. The steel or wood pilings used to support a stationary dock start to degrade as soon as they are installed. Typically, when a stationary dock is built, it is constructed on the water with steel or wood framework, and coated with paint or sealant. Over time, the water is going to deteriorate the paint, the steel will start to corrode, or the wood will begin to splinter and rot. Therefore, your investment begins to lose value from day one and may eventually become a safety hazard. With the support structure being underneath the water, a pond owner can never really know the condition of a stationary dock.


Another advantage of a Pond King floating dock is the material we use on the deck. Pond King uses TimberTech composite deck board that has a 25 year limited warranty. It is smooth, durable decking, that is beautiful and barefoot approved. Stationary docks with wooden decks cannot combat Mother Nature, and will eventually split and warp. The time on your dock should not be spent worrying if your children or grandchildren will need splinters removed after a day of fun.


Some pond owners may have concerns about the stability of floating docks. Pond King docks are exceptionally stable. Many of our customers have commented on how our docks do not feel like they are floating at all. This is because Pond King builds our docks to hold a much higher capacity than a customer will ever need. Take a 10×12, the capacity of this dock can accommodate 4,220 lbs. Therefore, if 40 percent of the capacity is used to float the deck, that leaves 2,532 lbs. of capacity left. This gives the dock the capacity to support 12-14 people on average, which is much higher than the normal number people that would use the dock at any one time.

When choosing a floating dock, it is important to know what you want to utilize the dock for, how many people you would like it to support, and what size best fits your needs.  All Pond King floating docks can be customized to fit your preferences and situation. Here at Pond King, we believe the best products are those made right here in the USA. That is why, our docks, like everything at Pond King, are 100 percent American made, and built to last a lifetime.

Brad Metzler, President


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