Lime in Your Pond

Lime Application

Lime is one of the most common additives for soil in pastures and food plots. It acts to lower the acidity of soil which allows plants to take up nutrients more efficiently. But what can it do for your pond and how can you tell if your pond needs...

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Aeration in the Winter

Winter Aeration

Proper aeration and circulation are an important part of the health of your pond or lake all year round, and winter is certainly no exception. In fact, while there may be an excess of dissolved oxygen in the water as the temperature drops, unique problems can arise in areas...

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Water Snake Identification – Water Moccasin or Just a Nuisance?

Water Snake ID

With owning a pond comes the inevitable occurrence of running into all kinds of wildlife. Most will be harmless creatures seeking water, but you will undoubtedly run across a snake or two. Snakes can be beneficial creatures to have around, as they control populations of rodents that may otherwise...

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Grass Carp in Texas

Grass Carp

Grass carp are a fish that many people have heard about, but don’t know if they are a good fit for their pond. Grass carp are regulated, and it is important to know what requirements are necessary to purchase one. They can be a desirable fish to stock in...

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Do Fish Hibernate?

Winter Pond

Winter can be a tricky time for an angler, and even a worrisome time for a pond owner. With falling temperatures, many ponds become very inactive. There is almost no surface action, and the go-to lures that always bring a big bite, are now not even getting a nibble!...

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Floating Islands

Floating Island

Floating islands are not only beautiful aesthetically, but they also improve water quality, serve as habitat for fish, help alleviate bank erosion, and work to reduce mosquito populations. With some smart pond management and strategic planning, you can improve your fishery by adding a floating island to the water....

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Are Hybrid Striped Bass Right for Your Pond?

Stripers in Vat

The hybrid striped bass is a cross between the white bass and the striped bass. This is a fast growing, hard fighting fish that can be a nice addition to your pond. Hybrid stripers are well suited for ponds because they are more resilient to extreme temperatures and low...

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Mercantile Store Pano

Welcome to the NEW Pond King website! It has been a long journey and we have worked diligently to provide you, our Pond King customers, with a brand new way to shop Pond King. We pride ourselves on supplying only the best quality products and services, and our website...

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Top 7 Mistakes Pond Owners Make

Floating Dock on pond in the fall

Having a nice fishing pond is a lot like having a garden. It can be beautiful and beneficial, but it takes some work to make it great and keep it healthy. When trying to grow quality fish, you may face some obstacles, but in the end, having your own...

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Fertilizing Your Pond

Pond Ecosystem

Fertilizing your pond is a great way to grow bigger bass without breaking the bank. Fertilizing a pond allows pond owners to give their food chain a boost by increasing the amount of plankton in the water. Like any aquatic ecosystem, the base of your lake or pond’s food...

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