Lake & Pond Management

On-Site Consultation

Consulting with customer about lake managementOn-Site Consultation

Many times, depending on needs of the customer, it is necessary to schedule an on-site consultation to help determine the scope of the lake management plan.  We understand that it is important for you to meet with our biologist to communicate pond management goals and expectations before committing to a financial investment.

We can answer your questions pertaining to pond design, habitat enhancement, fish stocking, vegetation management, aeration systems, and maintenance programs.  We will then prepare estimates for any proposed projects without cost or obligation.  In some cases a mileage charge would apply, but this fee will be determined and agreed upon prior to the consultation.Request Appointment



Lake Survey

Conducting lake surveyLake Survey

A lake survey is usually the first step in order to analyze the current condition of the lake and the fish populations. We do this by conducting an electroshock survey. The electroshocker temporarily stuns the fish without harming them. Forage fish are categorized by size and quantity, and predators are weighed and measured. The recorded data is used to produce graph summaries of their condition.

With this information we might set harvest limits or possibly recommend supplemental stocking of additional forage. Data is compared from each survey to the next to track progress in percentage growth.

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Other lake management parameters we observe include the following:

  • Water Fertility                            Disease Indicators
  • Vegetation Coverage                Water Quality
  • Depth Profile                             Submerged Structure
  • Water Visibility                           Watershed & Overflow
  • External Parasites                     Spawning Habitat


The final lake management report will include all necessary information and recommendations with cost estimates to get your pond or lake back on track. We offer turn-key services for all your lake management needs including lake fertilization, vegetation treatment, clearing muddy ponds, and fish stocking.


Vegetation Management

Pond vegetationVegetation Management

The first step to tackling your moss problem is identifying what type of vegetation you’re dealing with. It will be categorized as either algae, submerged, floating, or emergent. You can email pictures to us for help or consult one of the several resources on our links page for proper identification.
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The most successful solutions to managing excessive aquatic vegetation include using chemicals, grass carp or a combination of both. If the pond or lake has expansive areas of shallow water, then controlling vegetation is going to be a continuous battle. In this case we usually recommend stocking triploid (sterile) grass carp at densities of up to 7 per acre.

If the lake has a good depth profile where most of it is 4 foot deep or deeper, then we typically use chemical control. After the plants are eradicated, we then focus on maintaining a plankton bloom to shade out any further growth.

With aquatic vegetation, especially submerged plants, they can expand in a hurry. After initial treatment always watch closely for any re-growth. Usually a small secondary application will head off the plant from re-establishing itself.



Water Quality

Green pondWater Quality

Maintaining good water quality is one of the most critical aspects of lake management.  Poor water quality can lead to unsightly algae blooms, foul odors, reduced fish growth and ultimately a total fish kill.  We have several options to consider to improve water quality.

We will develop a plan dependent on various parameters that are unique for each pond environment.  We may employ such methods as adding aeration and bacterial treatments to clean up excess nutrient loading that builds up over time.  If a pond has a suspended clay problem, we would use gypsum to help it clear and become more productive for fish.  Also some lakes have problems with low pH.  In this case we would shift the pH up with the addition of agricultural limestone.  Again, every situation calls for individual analysis to determine the proper course of action.


Service Plans

Testing water clarityLake Management Service Plans

We offer yearly maintenance contracts for customers that require monthly monitoring of their lake to ensure that particular services are completed on a regular basis. Each contract is custom built to fit the client’s needs. Some pond management service contracts may include a yearly lake survey, biweekly vegetation treatments, water quality monitoring, removing turtles, harvesting fish, or maintaining fish feeders.

We will be glad to meet with you on site to develop a lake management plan that fits your goals and your budget.
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I have been using Pond King to help manage my lake for over 5 years. Brad Metzler has always provide timely and quality service. I have utilized them for lake surveys, fish deliveries, installation of their exceptionally built dock and for advice on how to maintain my lake. Pond King has always been very helpful and I expect to be dealing with them for many more years.

Armand Colaninni
Saint Jo, TX


I have been using Pond King for almost 7 years. I have used a variety of their services and products. From lake surveys, docks, fish feeders, fish stocking and artificial fish habitat, I have found all of their products and services to be second to none. The staff at Pond King is an absolute pleasure to do business with and are very responsive to all of my questions.

Dave Marmonti
Rising Star, TX