PK Duck Buster

PK Duck Buster

The Pond King Duck Buster is a floating duck blind. This 15’ pontoon has an all aluminum, welded frame and pontoons and comfortably seats up to 4 duck hunters.

Title and license fees not included.


Deposit Option Available: Pay $1,000.00 today and the remaining balance upon delivery.


The Pond King Duck Buster floating duck blind is 15 feet long, has a 72 square foot marine-grade plywood deck with an all-aluminum, welded frame and pontoons. It comfortably seats up to 4 hunters. What separates our boat blind from all of the other duck blind boats is our “double drop” shooting panels. With just a nudge, both panels drop out of the way together, giving you 64” of wide open space, allowing quick shots in front or overhead. The optional custom slide-out ladder is specially designed with a non-slip covering so your hunting dog can easily get back onto the boat after retrieving your ducks.

Standard Features

Standard duck blind boat features include: green paint, heavy duty fencing for attaching your own custom camo, double-drop shooting panels, off-deck battery tray, 4 anchor poles, 2 ammo trays and 4 cushioned seats with posts.

Boat Specifications

Chart comparing Pond King mini pontoon boats

Chart comparing Pond King mini pontoon boats.

Pontoon Length: 15′
Pontoon Diameter: 18″
Pontoon Thickness: .080″
Deck Length: 12′
Deck Width: 6′
Deck Area: 72 Sq. Ft.
Seat Capacity: 4
Seats Included: 4
Weight Capacity: 1200 lbs
Motor hp Capacity: 10 hp
Weight: 850 lbs

Blind Door Opening: 47″ tall x 27.5″ wide


Choose the add-ons for your PK Duck Buster, it will automatically add the product if you haven't added it already.

  • Camo Seat Upgrade

    Camo Seat Upgrade

  • Dog Ladder

    Dog Ladder

  • Trailer


  • Spare Tire

    Spare Tire

  • Trolling Motors

    Trolling Motors

    Starting at: $279.00
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  • Circuit Breaker

    Circuit Breaker

  • Outboards


    Starting at: $1,045.00
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  • Battery


  • Seat Cover

    Seat Cover

  • Battery Box

    Battery Box

  • Trickle Charger

    Trickle Charger



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Delivery Information

Our Duck Buster floating duck blind can be picked up at our location or will be hand delivered by Pond King with our "Turn Around Guarantee". If you’re not satisfied with your pontoon boat at delivery, we will “turn around” and refund your entire deposit.

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  1. Frank Popp


    I have been given the chance to hunt in the Duck Buster Boat the last couple of years. Compared to hunting duck any other way that I have done, it is a lot dryer and warmer. I have enjoyed some really good hunts, stayed comfortable and had some great times. I would recommend the Duck Buster to anyone who loves to duck hunt.
    Frank Popp

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