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King Katcher Turtle Trap

Our King Katcher Turtle Trap is shipped to you with the box frame and cage ready to go. You will attach the floats and flippers with the included hardware in just a few minutes. A single trap is all that is needed for smaller ponds. We typically recommend adding a trap for every 4-5 acres of water.

The next step is setting trap. You can anchor your turtle trap in several different ways. If setting it with a boat, simply tie a small weight to length of rope 3′ longer than your water depth and locate the trap at least 30′ from the shoreline. Otherwise use rope to pull your trap from across the pond and tie it off to a stake.

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Turtle Facts

Your King Katcher Turtle Trap will catch the most turtles when the water is cooler and turtles are looking to get up and sun bath. Expect higher numbers at first and a declining catch as they are removed. We have seen as many as 125 turtles removed from a 1 acre pond in one season!

The most common turtle is commonly referred to as the red eared slider. These turtles are considered omnivorous, consuming aquatic insects, tadpoles, snails, crawfish, juvenile fish, dead animals, and plants. They will consume fish food readily, but the major problem they pose is the destruction of spawning beds of both bluegill and bass. A single female with lay 1-3 clutches of 4-23 eggs each during a season, so keep your King Katcher Turtle Trap in year round to keep the numbers of Red Eared Turtles in check.



Great boats-tough, light, spacious weather proof deck, maneuverable, I would buy another one without hesitation. They are very stable, you can stand right on the edge or corner to fish or net a lunker. The pontoon design is head and shoulders above any other boat style with the numerous slightly below water level stumps that infest my fishing grounds. My Pond King slides around them with ease while other flat, ā€vā€ bottom boats regularly get high centered on them, causing the occupants wasted time trying to get unstuck, spooking the fish, and possibly damaging their boat. I have had to pull more than one stranded boat loose.

David Sherer
Montgomery, AL