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Pond King Turtle Trap

Floating turtle trapPond King Turtle Trap

Our sunbathing turtle trap consists of an all welded aluminum frame and flippers with stainless steel hinges.

The 23″x25″x16″ cage is made from PVC coated galvanized panels and the floats are molded vinyl fenders.  The live trap will hold up to 50 adult turtles with the wide flippers preventing any escape.

The Pond King Floating Turtle Trap is shipped to you with a welded box frame and cage ready to go.  You will attach the floats and flippers with the included hardware in just a few minutes.  A single turtle trap is all that is needed for smaller ponds.  We typically recommend adding a trap for every 4-5 acres of water.

How to set the turtle trap…

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Turtle Facts

Turtles in pondTurtle Facts

Your Pond King Floating Turtle Trap will catch the most turtles when the water is cooler and turtles are looking to get up and sun bathe.  Expect higher numbers at first and a declining catch as turtles are removed.  We have seen as many as 125 turtles removed from a 1 acre pond in one season!

The most common turtle is commonly referred to as the red eared slider.  These turtles are considered omnivorous, consuming aquatic insects, tadpoles, snails, crawfish, juvenile fish, dead animals, and plants.  They will consume fish food readily, but the major problem they pose is the destruction of spawning beds of both bluegill and bass.  A single female will lay 1-3 clutches of 4-23 eggs each during a season, so keep your Pond King Turtle Trap in year round to keep the numbers of Red Eared Turtles in check.




I have been using Pond King to help manage my lake for over 5 years. Brad Metzler has always provided timely and quality service. I have utilized them for lake surveys, fish deliveries, installation of their exceptionally built dock and for advice on how to maintain my lake. Pond King has always been very helpful and I expect to be dealing with them for many more years.

Armand Colaninni
Saint Jo, TX


I have been using Pond King for almost 7 years. I have used a variety of their services and products. From lake surveys, docks, fish feeders, fish stocking and artificial fish habitat, I have found all of their products and services to be second to none. Liz and Brad are an absolute pleasure to do business with and are very responsive to all of my questions.

Dave Marmonti
Rising Star, TX