Wire Tree Sculptures

Artist, Wayne Trinklein works full time in a small studio with a few assistants who share his passion for life, love, and joy in goodness. There is frequent laughter, and many stories of adventure and humor are told, and encouraged. Fanciful scenarios and discussions of unlikely characters fill the air. But it is all about people – their strengths and frailties, laughter and tears, victories and failures, forgiveness and hope.

The tree sculptures began as Christmas presents for each of his four brothers over 30 years ago. From the very beginning he wanted to express his admiration for special qualities he saw in each of them. After years of climbing and studying hundreds of trees, and learning of their secrets of anatomy, and adaptations to our world, he had developed a special affinity for them. It was easy for him to parallel his love and respect for his brothers to the dignity and individuality he saw in trees.

Wayne is a man who feels deep gratitude for the love and acceptance he has received from God, and from the many people placed in his life. These blessings have brought insight into the common needs of all humanity, and the unique ways each individual pursues them. His sculpture graphically, and realistically presents this natural drama, in trees. His trees are true to their innate character, and demonstrate through their living, the nobility and dignity allowed through forgiveness and hope.

These unique trees are created with the utmost attention to detail, cutting edge methods, and museum quality workmanship. Molded copper wire, tin, and lead are used to create each individual piece.