HOL/20 Lock on Ladders

Family Tradition HOL/20 Lock-on Ladder

Scared of screw-in steps breaking?  Worried about your foot sliding off the side of sticks with pegs?  The HOL/20 Lock-On Ladder tree stand is a professional, well built tree stand and ladder that is not intended for the part-time hunter. Try the most solid ladder-style tree stand system on the market and get that peace of mind you’ve been looking for while hunting!

Available in-store only.



  • Yes, it’s REALLY 20 feet tall!
  • The Family Tradition HOL/20 Lock-On style Ladder is a true Ladder, not just a Stick
  • The premium quality heavy duty galvanized steel construction will withstand years of climbing your favorite tree
  • The last ladder hunting stand you will need to buy, it works well with any lock-on or climber tree stand and is designed for trees from 10″ to 22″ in diameter
  • The HOL/20 Ladder is delivered in (5) 4′ sections and reaches 20’ in height
  • Extra 4′ sections available for purchase
  • 8″ wide rungs
  • Five 800lb working load ratchets are provided to secure each section of the HOL/20 ladder to the tree
  • Product Weight as shipped – 29 lbs
  • Maximum Hunter Weight – 300 lbs


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