Honey Hole Brush

The Honey Hole Brush is an affordable, self-righting, complex medium-depth habitat that is simple to deploy and provides instant habitat for multiple species of fish.


Honey Hole Brush is ready to be placed right out of the box. Minimal assembly required!





The Honey Hole Live series is the only artificial fish habitat on the market that imitates the dynamic movement and structural complexity of natural cover like aquatic vegetation and brush. Flexible limbs that move with current and natural appearances are part of each of the five different offerings within this artificial habitat line. Each product of the Live series fish habitat is intended to provide an effective and affordable alternative to natural cover types for a variety of purposes and objectives.

Honey Hole Brush is a quick deploying complex fish habitat designed to be placed in areas where brush piles would normally be utilized to attract fish. One of the major problems with natural cover like brush is degradation over time within aquatic environments. Honey Hole Brush provides a permanent surrogate to cover like submerged brush piles with the same amount of structural complexity as most brush when it’s newly deployed. Honey Hole Brush is to be placed in six to eight feet of water.

  • Designed for pond and lake owners to help with fish population management.
  • Minimal assembly required – limbs easily slide on stem for arrangement.
  • Perfect cover to deploy to attract fish to enhance a favorite fishing spot.
  • Durable materials provide a permanent solution for quickly creating brush-like cover in ponds or lakes.
  • Internal weight and float provides a self-righting design making deployment from the shore or from a boat easy – simply toss into the water!

Standard Features

(1)    Retainer
(1)    Plastic Float
(10)  4’ Horizontal Limbs
(1 )   6’ Stem with Weight


  • Height: 6 ft.
  • Coverage Diameter: 4 ft.
  • Leaf Count: 166
  • Estimated Usable Surface Area: 35 sq. ft.
  • Ideal Depth for Placement: 7-10 ft.
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Galvanized Steel Weight Included

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Delivery Information

The Honey Hole Brush ships via UPS Ground in a 6"x6"x47" box and weighs 7 lbs.


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