Honey Hole Log

Honey Hole Log 2 pack

The Honey Hole Logs (2PK) are the economical answer to enhancing your pond fish habitat. Combine multiple units to provide structure at varying depths.




The Honey Hole Log compact fish habitat is the economical answer to enhancing your pond habitat. It consists of a 4 foot poly log and 68 flexible limbs that are 24″ each. Use up to 18 single units per acre in water that is 3-4 feet deep. Attract and hold fish under your dock and in deeper water by combining logs vertically, providing habitat at varying depths. Available in 2 packs only and does not include weights.

Download assembly instructions for the Honey Hole Logs HERE.


  • Patent #8,020,515 B2
  • Economy Series Fish Habitat 4′ polyethylene log
  • Usable Surface Area: 76 sq. ft.
  • Never needs to be replaced – will not rot
  • Environmentally friendly – no glue!
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Combine to create different shapes
  • Product Ships for Free (U.S.)



How much do the Honey Hole Logs weigh?

The Honey Hole Logs weigh about 8lbs each and do not include a weight.


What depth of water works best for the Honey Hole Logs?

The Honey Hole Logs are best suited for water that is 3-4ft deep.


How many Honey Hole Logs do I need?

The number of fish attractors needed will vary depending on the age of the pond, current structures, management goals and the types of fish involved. If your pond or lake is devoid of any underwater structure, then we recommend using up to 18 single units per acre.


What is the benefit of artificial habitats over “Christmas Trees”?

There are many advantages of our fish attractors in comparison to using cut trees. First, our Honey Hole Habitat will not decay- put them out once and you’re done. Also, enjoy snag-free fishing and save all of that money spent on lost hooks and tackle. Another huge improvement is that our fish structures are clean and simple; forget about the mess of dealing with brush and cumbersome concrete blocks in the boat.


What kind of weight can I use with the Honey Hole Log?

Standard bricks or cinder blocks are both great options to use to weigh down your Honey Hole Logs.


How well do the fish structures show up on depth finders?

You won’t have any problem locating your Honey Hole Logs using a depth finder. Even a single log will produce a large noticeable shape on the screen. What’s great is that it will produce the same readout year after year, unlike brush piles that compact and flatten over time.

Delivery Information

2 pk Honey Hole Logs ship in a box via UPS Ground.



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