Honey Hole Spawning Discs

Honey Hole Spawning Discs

Increase fish hatching rates by 300-400% with our Honey Hole Spawning Discs. Use spawning discs to give bluegill, redear, bass and crappie a stable surface for depositing eggs.



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Why do I need to add spawning discs to my pond?
If you have a pond with multiple species that are dependent on each other for growth, then successful reproduction is key to a self-sustaining fishery. Bluegill and redear are especially important to forage production that feeds top predators like bass, crappie and catfish. Bluegill and redear both build disc shaped nests in shallow water throughout the year to spawn. Unfortunately most of this reproduction is lost due to poor spawning habitat. Most earthen ponds have 2-12 inches of silt that smothers the eggs soon after they are laid. A popular solution is to add pea gravel to provide a hard bottom for nest building. This process is expensive and over time the gravel can be silted over or eroded out of the spawning zone.

Our solution is the Honey Hole Spawning Disc, which is a 20” concave poly disc that is elevated off the bottom of the pond on a 9” PVC stake. The Honey Hole Spawning Disc will not rot. It provides a stable, solid surface for bluegill, redear, bass, and crappie to deposit their eggs. Also, other forage fish including fatheads and threadfin shad, will use the under side of the disc to attach their eggs. When the fry hatch, they will have a ready supply of algae that will grow around the edges and beneath the disc. Just one successful spawn will produce more than enough added value in fish to pay for the Honey Hole Spawning Disc.

Recommended Use:
Spawning discs can be installed by putting them into the ground with the included PVC stake or by bolting a weight to them and dropping them into the water. We recommend adding up to 24 discs per acre in groups of 3 to 8. Coupled with our other Honey Hole habitat, you can greatly increase the overall production and capacity of any fishery.

Download instructions for the Honey Hole Spawning Discs HERE.


  • 20″ Poly Concave Disc
  • Increase fish hatching rates by 300-400%
  • Never needs to be replaced – will not rot
  • Environmentally friendly – no glue!
  • Easy installation
  • Product Ships for Free (U.S.)

Delivery Information

Spawning Discs ship in a box via UPS Ground.



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