Slayer Propel 13 Lizard Lick

Slayer Propel 13 Fishing Kayak

Lean, Mean, Hands Free Fishing Machine!

Considered game-changer in hands-free fishing, the Slayer Propel 13 fishing kayak from Native Watercraft is unmatched in its ability to maintain casting distance, pull away from structure or stop on a dime when trolling to relieve rod pressure.

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Lean, Mean, Fishing Machine

Considered game-changer in hands-free fishing, the Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13 fishing kayak is unmatched in its ability to maintain casting distance, pull away from structure or stop on a dime when trolling to relieve rod pressure. You’ll also enjoy rock- solid stability when sight casting in this kayak– even for the XXL angler.

Designed to easily customize/personalize, the Slayer Propel fishing kayak offers bow to stern rails that easily mount Scotty, Ram and Railblaza gear. Go as big as you want or keep it to a minimum; it’s your choice. The Slayer Propel 13’s open storage compartment combines space and easy-access. The kayak offers unsurpassed versatility: take it out on your local lake and fish for bass one day, then leave the drive system at home and paddle it for a day of trout fishing on your local rocky river.

So, How Fast Does it Go?

With relaxed pedaling you can cover 4.2 miles per hour all day, and can push to 5.2 miles per hour when that thunderstorm rolls in. The low profile fishing kayak performs great in the wind, especially when under power and has easy-to-use left hand rudder control. The most versatile pedal-driven fishing kayak on the market, the Slayer Propel kayak excels as well in pedal mode as paddled or poled in the skinny water. The drive unit is designed for 12”-18” minimum depth depending on load.


Standard Features

Tight Line Anchor TrolleyTight Line Anchor Trolley

The Tight Line Anchor Trolley System uses two pulleys and a bungee provides constant tension that helps prevent the rope from snagging. Especially convenient in currents and windy waters, adjusting the rope allows you to change the direction you are facing without needing to reposition your anchor. The system also uses reflective rope for safety and to allow the paddler to see the anchor angle when night fishing.

Slayer Groove TrackSlayer Groove Track

The Groove is our exclusive accessory attachment system. Want to go out with extra work surfaces, rod holders or depth finders? Components slide on-off at your pleasure. You can lock them down anywhere along the rail system, loosen and move them easily.

First Class SeatFirst Class Seat

The Slayer Propel First Class Seat adds a new dimension of adjustability to unsurpassed comfort. The signature combination of our solar screen HiFlow™ 3D mesh suspended over an aluminum frame cushions and supports the back and bottom while drying quickly and ventilating to keep you cool. Straps easily adjust and recline the back frame. It is also set on rails so the seat can slide forward or backward allowing you to find your own perfect pedaling position. In addition to offering a better angle for pedaling, the elevated seat gives a better view for sight casting and makes standing easier.

Super Seal Scupper PlugSuper Seal Scupper Plug

The Super Seal Plug is a multi-ribbed scupper plug that creates a high pressure seal and prevents water from entering through the scupper holes. If you need to drain the hull, the easy-pull handle lets you quickly remove the plugs or return them to the scupper hole. They are low profile to prevent line snags but can be modified to use a tether.


  • Kayak Length: 13' 2"
  • Kayak Width: 33"
  • Kayak Depth: 13"
  • Fitted Hull Weight (With 1st Class Seat and 14 lb. Propel Removed): 85lbs
  • Fully Rigged Weight (With 1st Class Seat and 14 lb. Propel Installed): 104 lbs
  • Kayak Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Outfitting: 1st Class Seat

Delivery Information

Native Watercraft Kayaks are only available for pick up at our store near Lindsay, TX. Please call for available models and colors.

Warranty Information

All Native Watercraft kayaks carry a Limited Lifetime warranty on the hull (valid for original purchasers, non-transferable, and the boat must be registered).

The Propel units have a 2 year warranty.


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