The White (Fragrant) Water Lily is a floating-leaf perennial producing white flowers throughout the season. Its seeds are consumed by waterfowl and other wildlife and it also provides shade and cover. It is an attractive water lily and is a popular plant for Aesthetic Pond Improvement.


Aquatic Plants

A diverse aquatic plant community will provide numerous benefits to your pond.  Aquatic plants can improve water quality and clarity, utilize excess nutrient inputs, control erosion and stabilize shorelines. Plants also provide habitat for fish, waterfowl, invertebrates, and other wildlife. We offer four multi-species plant packages – each providing different benefits.

Aquatic Plant Packages Include

  • Fish Habitat
  • Waterfowl
  • Erosion Control/Water Quality Improvement
  • Aesthetics/Blooming Plants

Fish Habitat Improvement

Recommended Species:

Waterfowl Habitat Improvement

Recommended Species:

Erosion Control for Water Quality

Erosion control plantings should be based on linear footage of shorelines at risk. For maximum erosion control, well-established plants should be spaced 1-2′ apart in shallow water near shore where the watershed comes into the lake. Earthen dams also benefit from plantings along the base of the dam to reduce undercutting by wave action. Management from erosion control plantings should yield less sediment loading and result in more water clarity.

The following species can be planted as single species monocultures, or combined to offer a diverse shoreline plant community.

Recommended species:

Aesthetic Pond Improvement

In settings where plants are called for based on their intrinsic beauty, several native species are available that will fulfill this goad and still provide great water quality and habitat benefits.

Plants offer the most visual impact when planted with clusters of single species in different areas of the water body. Using a variety of plant architectures in one pond setting provides an interesting and attractive contrast of shapes.

Planting densities should be based on your aesthetic goals. Species offered will spread vegetatively, but are selected based on their habit of not becoming invasive or overbearing to the pond setting. occasional management may be desired to keep plants where they are wanted.

If your pond is lined, these plants can be planted in large containers, limiting their spread and making it possible to have pond coverage without actually planting them in the substrate.

Recommended Species:

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