Aerating Fountain

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Kasco Marine’s VFX aerating fountains offer the best mix of aeration and display. They help to improve water quality, keep fish alive, add vital oxygen, eliminate stagnant water, and improve decomposition of organic matter such as leaves, grass clippings, and wildlife waste. With a classic V shaped display, these units move a lot of water per horsepower and provide excellent efficiency. LED light kits are available to offer additional enjoyment at night! 1/2 hp up to 5 hp available.

1.5 hp per surface acre recommended for aeration.


Decorative Fountain


Kasco J-Series decorative fountains are the least expensive to purchase, maintain and operate. With Kasco fountains, you get multiple spray pattern nozzles for the price of one! Imagine yourself sitting on your back patio enjoying the relaxing sight and sound of a beautiful display fountain. Add the optional LED light kit for additional nighttime enjoyment. They are industrial strength, energy efficient, and easy to use and install.

2 hp per surface acre recommended.


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