Fish Stocking Plans

We stock 16 different species of freshwater fish including many specialty strains like Florida Bass, F1 Tiger Bass, Hybrid Crappie and Hybrid Stripers. If you want to pick up a few fish, just come by our facility here near Lindsay, Texas. As our fish supply changes daily, we recommend calling before you come, just to make sure we have what you’re looking for! Otherwise, we will deliver your fish on-site and take our time to make sure they are acclimated properly.

When you purchase fish from Pond King, you’re also getting the expertise that comes from years of lake management experience with Texas waters. We know what size and specie combinations work the best. We don’t just sell you the fish we have, we get you the fish you need. The pond stocking plans below are based on a 1-acre stocking. Just multiply or divide to get the numbers for your pond size, or contact us for a free custom quote. We will be glad to help you develop a stocking plan based on your goals or a particular budget.

Catfish – Hybrid Bluegill Mix

This is a great fish stocking strategy for small ponds that are less than 1 acre. Catfish and Hybrid Bluegill grow quickly on feed and will not overpopulate. You could also add some Hybrid Stripers to add a little variety to the mix.

400 6-8″ Channel Catfish
500 4-4.5″ Hybrid Bluegill
10 lbs. Fathead Minnows

Hybrid Stripers – Hybrid Crappie

Forget what you’ve heard about adding crappie to ponds. This fish stocking plan is geared towards producing fillets and aggressive action. The hybrid crappie will not overpopulate and the stripers will keep them in check. Best suited for 1 acre ponds or larger.

150 4-6″ Hybrid Stripers
150 3-4″ Hybrid Crappie
700 3-4″ Coppernose Bluegill
10 lbs. Fathead Minnows

Gamefish Combination

Want a little bit of everything? This fish stocking plan includes bass, crappie, and catfish. It’s another good combination for ponds 1 acre and up. With this stocking plan you’ll please everyone from kids with a Snoopy reel to avid fisherman that love a variety.

200 6-8″ Channel Catfish
150 3-4″ Black Crappie
80 6-8″ Largemouth Bass
700 3-4″ Coppernose Bluegill
15 lbs. Fathead Minnows

Trophy Bass Mix 1

This stocking plan has everything you need to start growing some lunkers. We use specifically sized baitfish and bass so we can stock your pond with both at the same time. This saves time and will produce bass over 3 pounds by the third season.

100 1-3″ Largemouth Bass
200 1-3″ Redear Sunfish
800 1-3″ Coppernose Bluegill
10 lbs. Fathead Minnows

Trophy Bass Mix 2

Want to start catching bass this season? Use this fish stocking plan and you will be setting a hook within a few months. Again everything is included and sized correctly to produce bass over 3 pounds by the second season.

80 6-8″ Largemouth Bass
200 3-4″ Redear Sunfish
800 3-4″ Coppernose Bluegill
15 lbs. Fathead Minnows

Trophy Bass Mix 3

Want to take the family fishing next weekend? Better check the gear, because these bass are ready to fight! Grab some of our premium floating fish food and you’ll soon need the wide lens on the camera to capture your next proud moment.

70 lbs. Adult Largemouth Bass
200 4-4.5″ Redear Sunfish
800 4-4.5″ Coppernose Bluegill
20 lbs. Golden Shiners

Pricing and availability of fish is subject to change without notice.

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