Vegetation Control

The first step to tackling your vegetation problem is identifying what type of plant you’re dealing with. It will be categorized as either algae, submerged, floating, or emergent. For assistance in identifying your vegetation, you may email us a photo.

The most successful solutions to managing excessive aquatic vegetation include using chemicals, grass carp or a combination of both. If the pond or lake has expansive areas of shallow water, then controlling vegetation is going to be a continuous battle. In this case we usually recommend stocking triploid (sterile) grass carp at densities of up to 7 per acre.

If the lake has a good depth profile where most of it is 4 foot deep or deeper, then we typically use chemical control. After the plants are eradicated, we then focus on maintaining a plankton bloom to shade out any further growth.

With aquatic vegetation, especially submerged plants, they can expand in a hurry. Getting a jump start on the treatment and control can have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your pond and the overall success of your fishery.

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