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Floating Docks

Sectional aluminum floating docks can be shipped and customer installed!

Floating Docks Floating Docks

Pontoon Boats

Pond King Pro - Our best selling mini-pontoon fishing boat

Pontoon Boats Pontoon Boats

About Us

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About Us About Us

Pontoon Boats

Fishing on the Pond King Pro Mini Pontoon Boat

We manufacture a full line of mini pontoon boats ranging in size from 6 to 16 feet. Our boats are built with welded aluminum sub-frames and heavy gauge pontoons and are custom built with the options you select.

Available pontoon boat accessories include extended railing, bimini top, live well, duck blind, trailer, solar trickle charger, battery storage, and many more. We deliver our boats nationwide with a “Turn Around Guarantee”. If you’re not satisfied with your pontoon boat at delivery, we will “turn around” and refund your entire deposit. Rest assured that you will be buying the best small pontoon boat on the market today.

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Floating Docks

Floating Dock on Pond

We have a wide selection of standard sized floating docks that will add an instant source of enjoyment to your pond or lake front property. Our floating docks are constructed with galvanized steel framework and tubing. We use a composite deck board made by TimberTech.

Floatation is provided by maintenance free encapsulated floats. Don’t be fooled by plastic docks that promise stability. Our steel framed floating docks are welded solid and built to last a lifetime. Add additional features like awnings, railing packages, benches, swim-ladders, etc.

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Lake and Pond Management Services

Man holding two largemouth bass from lake survey

Pond King Inc. started in 1995 by offering lake management services to clients that wanted to focus on growing trophy bass. Our full array of services includes electroshock surveys, annual pond management plans, fish stocking, control, liming, clearing muddy ponds, lake mapping, construction design, and water quality control.

We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest in lake management equipment while depending on our time proven strategies for success. The cost of any pond management service is given up front so you can stretch a line without worrying about the bottom line.

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Artificial Fish Habitat

Installation of Artificial Fish Habitat Whether you need to add habitat to your pond or create your own Honey Hole at the lake, our patented Honey Hole Tree™ and Shrub™ fish attractors were designed with just that in mind. Many common items used to create fish attractors are either cumbersome to handle or deteriorate over time. Our fish habitats are made from polyethylene, which will not rot or deform. The environmentally friendly design requires no glue for assembly.

The trees and shrubs are lightweight and can be easily transported to your pond or lake. We offer bulk pricing for multiple unit purchases. Check out all the key features of our fish cover that separate us from the competition.

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Fish Stocking

Fish for stocking ponds

Genetically superior strains and volume discounted pricing – this has been our model for success in supplying quality fish stocking services to pond owners throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

We stock 16 different species of freshwater fish including many specialty strains like Florida Bass, F1 Tiger Bass, Hybrid Crappie, Hybrid Stripers, and Albino Catfish. If you want to pick up a few fish, just come by our facility here near Lindsay, Texas. Otherwise, we will deliver your fish on-site and take our time to make sure they are acclimated properly. View our pond stocking plans or contact us for a free custom quote.

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Fish Feeders

Floating fish feeder on pond

In 2007 we developed a floating fish feeder to provide an alternative to problematic bank-side feeders. The simplistic design of our Pond King Floating Fish Feeder gets the feed to your fish on time, every time. With our fish feeder you won’t have to worry about jammed mechanisms, dead batteries, flooded feed, failing timers, or damage from varmints.

The all-aluminum welded hopper (No seams to leak!) holds 100 lbs. of floating fish food. Filling your feeder is as easy as pulling a rope with our “Weighted Loop” anchor setup – see the video tab to see it in action. Our scatter mechanism will accommodate various sized food pellets up to ¾ inch.

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Turtle Trap

Removing floating turtle trap full of turtles

If you have fish, then you will have turtles. Very often managed ponds will get overpopulated with turtles because of the increased food source. Thinning the turtle numbers is as easy as dropping in one of our Pond King Turtle Traps. Our sun-bathing trap consists of an all welded aluminum frame and flippers with stainless steel hinges.

The cage is made from PVC coated galvanized panels and the floats are molded vinyl fenders. These maintenance-free materials come together to produce a floating turtle trap that will be there season after season. These live traps will hold up to 50 adult turtles with the wide flippers preventing any escape.

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Aerators & Fountains

Agitator in pond

Low oxygen levels result in costly and devastating fish kills. Kasco pond aerators offer the most reliable, energy efficient and cost-saving aeration solution to prevent these catastrophic losses.

Kasco pond aerators provide the mechanical destratification of water to elevate oxygen transfer rates and sustain the level of dissolved oxygen to maximize aquatic life. Kasco pond aerators are specially designed for portability and ease of installation. One person can move them from pond to pond, making them ideal for emergencies and a standard for continuous aeration.

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Hunting Blinds & Feeders

Floating Duck Blind Pontoon

Do you need a dependable automatic deer feeder that will work year after year? We build our feeders with all aluminum bodies and welded funnels, no open seams to leak. Each unit has a dependable programmable timer, rechargeable battery, solar panel, and varmint guard. Optional feeding tube enables the feeder to double as a protein feeder.

Check out our new Pond King DuckBuster floating duck blind. It features “double-drop” hinged shooting panels, a slide-out dog ladder, all aluminum, welded frame and pontoons, and can comfortably seat up to four hunters. Add your own camouflage to deck it out to match your favorite duck hunting spot.

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Outdoor Accessories

Three sizes of aluminum picnic tablesPond King offers several custom-built, unique products to enhance your outdoor enjoyment. Brand new to the list are all-aluminum picnic tables that are available in three lengths – 6′, 8′ and 12′. We also have a brand new re-design of our fajita cooker that now offers a tray with utensil hooks. The heavy duty fire pits are available in two styles. The Patio Pit is perfect for backyard gatherings to cook out or roast marshmallows on the deck, and the Camp Pit has enough grill space to cook up steaks for a whole party.

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